How to Improve Low Traffic in Adwords Campaigns

3 Smart Ways To Improve Low Traffic Adword Campaigns


The most common reason behind low traffic for Adwords campaigns are low traffic keywords. In fact, low traffic keywords are a common phenomenon causing obstructions in the successful running of most Adwords campaigns. This automatically leads to low search volume which is not a good sign for any business. Adwords campaigns bring in targeted traffic. However, if your keywords are not bringing in results or converting into sales, then you should take corrective measure to improve the performance of your low traffic Adwordscampaigns.

Here we give you 3 simple yet smart ways to improve your low traffic keyword performance which in result improves your low traffic Adwords campaigns.

  1. Use broad match

When you use a broad match on low traffic keywords, it increases the number of your relevant searches. Usually low traffic keywords means your keywords are too specific and not being searched at all. By using a broad match, you are getting your ads ahead of other low keywords competitors. You can also download the Search Term Report located within the Keyword tab in Adwords. This helps you by giving suggestions about which words to insert in your keywords search and which ones to remove to improve performance.

  1. Make use of RSLAs to access more search volume

Everyone who is familiar with search engine marketing knows about RSLAs. It refers to remarketing lists of search ads that allow the user to create customized lists within your paid search campaigns. These are based on the previously viewed items by customers.
This practice allows you to overall increase your search volume by placing a relatively low bid on keywords and makes use of RSLAs to dramatically increase your bid when a previous visitor starts searching for those terms.

  1. Keyword Optimization

If you have worked with a professional digital marketing agency, you would know by now, the main task begins after the Adwords campaign is made because then your job of keyword optimization and follow ups starts. Low search keywords are too specific and may not guarantee too much traffic. Thus, you can try creating custom ads targeting those keywords to bring up their search volume.

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