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Have you ever travelled on Indian Trains? You might be thinking what kind of question it is. Actually, I would like to draw you to certain instances. Many of us have encountered with peculiar unique sounds like “Chaaaaaaaaaai bolo Chaaaaaai” on trains. This is a most effective way to get spotted in traditional marketing. Grabbing attention is the key to promote you anywhere. To grab attention, they use (tea vendors) an exclamatory form of communication. Here the role of creativity starts. It is a continuing process with betterment at every step till......

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digital marketing helps in business growth

Businesses are almost entirely reliable on the Internet nowadays. Why? It’s ‘Cause that’s where the crowd is all around. A huge number like ‘3.8 billion ‘users searches for queries in Google search engine every day. For a business to flourish, it has to be present online, Online where?? Everywhere. Your Business has to be listed everywhere online to get the maximum client responses. YOUR BUSINESS DEPENDS ON YOUR CLIENTS. How to grow your business with Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing, a huge dimension with specialized ways or techniques to keep your business easily......

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SEO is Essential for Small Businesses

For every businesses to prosper, the need of online presence is a must. More than a billion internet users searches for a related key term every day. SEO plays an important role in deciding the fate of today’s business. Search Engines are happy when all the conditions are met to satisfy all its requirements, thereby reflecting the results in its indexes. Google search engine always prioritize on the local level to gain more clarity about a particular business Let’s discuss why SEO is essential for small businesses. User Friendly Responsive Design: The......

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Types of SEO

Congratulations! Your website is live. What’s next?  How are you going to promote it? Paid or Organic. But there is one problem… Paid services are going to cost you money. And that wouldn’t be a good idea when you have just started your company and have a limited marketing budget. The solution is pretty simple… SEO aka (Search Engine Optimization) Everyone by now understands the power of SEO. It is the single most thing that helps your business to survive online. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.......

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The most common reason behind low traffic for Adwords campaigns are low traffic keywords. In fact, low traffic keywords are a common phenomenon causing obstructions in the successful running of most Adwords campaigns. This automatically leads to low search volume which is not a good sign for any business. Adwords campaigns bring in targeted traffic. However, if your keywords are not bringing in results or converting into sales, then you should take corrective measure to improve the performance of your low traffic Adwordscampaigns. Here we give you 3 simple yet smart ways......

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