5 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Title Tags For SEO

5 Simple Ways To Optimize Your Title Tags For SEO

How to Write Title Tags

While doing SEO for your business, there are certain things that should be kept in mind for optimal results. And title tags play a major role in your SEO strategy. But, do we really know how to place the keywords in title tags? Do we know how to phrase them in such a manner that it brings maximum results? What should go first- primary keyword, a phrase or alternativekeywords? Or should we simply follow a random keyword dropping pattern?

Well to answer all your above questions, we bring to you 5 simple ways that teach you to write your title tag for SEO optimization. Take a look and learn.

  1. Optimizing Title Tag For Search

It is advisable to use your main keyword at the beginning followed by the company name at the end. Although we know Google’s spider accesses the orders of the words as they are represented in the code. But that might not answer the question of the users. So, always use their primary keyword in the beginning.

  1. Add Relevant Information For Your Meta Description

Don’t forget the importance of Meta Description which can be used for sharing important information about your services. We would advise to add your keywords along with your location before company name. Describe your business with relevant words in the best possible manner. A good SEO company will already know how to do this for you.

  1. Optimizing Title Tag For People

Google needs a title tag that compels users to click on the link. And sometimes, it even changes the title to make it more user friendly. So, what can you do for SEO optimization? Well, you can see if putting your location name and brand name will help the prospective buyers to visit your webpage. It varies from business to business. Also keep in mind that if your website is for desktop users, there is more room for title. But, if it’s also mobile friendly, then you need to focus on the brand name and make smart use of words.

  1. Review the changes before making final decision

Your click through rate and the position of your title tag will be the decision makers. Make sure if by changing the title tag you lose your average position. Also, see if you have a higher or lower ration of impression to clicks. And only then make a final decision.

  1. Optimizing title tag on every web page

You know your home page might not be the only page that gets the maximum clicks. Different people looking for different information will visit various pages of your website. Thus, it is important to provide relevant and click worthy title tag on every webpage of your website.

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