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Digital Marketing Trends Of 2017

Digital Marketing Trends Of 2017

Digital marketing is a burgeoning industry, and digital marketing trends are constantly changing year by year. Businesses can succeed in this competitive sphere, only if they update themselves with the latest trends taking place in the digital industry. Let’s take an in-depth look at what all latest trends are ruling in digital marketing era.
We won’t talk about obvious digital marketing trends here like content marketing, email marketing, SEO, to name a few.

Live video streaming, Viral content, Mobile marketing, Paid advertising, Social media are some of the popular digital marketing trends which have become necessary for businesses to go for. Have a look!!!

Live Video Streaming
It is an interesting yet engaging way to connect with people and grow audience. Social networking sites have already integrated live video capabilities into their channels. This tantalizing trend has the potential to attract millions of people. This can significantly improve the way you build brand awareness and customer constancy.

Viral Content
Every business, be it small or big are now focusing on ‘Viral Content’, want their content (video, blog, status, picture, etc.) to go viral, which can be circulated rapidly and extensively from one web user to another. Businesses are creating content that has the potential to go viral and spread like a virus. Viral content is everlasting.

Paid Advertising
You must have heard a lot about paid advertising strategies. It is beneficial for website visitors and businesses, both. In this type of advertising, customers are highly targeted, it is also good for highlighting brand values and identity. The paid advertising popularity is increasing at a better rate and it is here to stay in the coming years too.

Conversion Optimization
To turn ‘visitors’ into ‘customers’, ‘Conversion Optimization’ strategy is required. As the name suggests, optimizing is about testing strategies and tactics. Conversion optimization is the process of influencing website visitors in such a way, to make them purchase, which indirectly means lead conversions.

Mobile Marketing
Marketing has changed the expression of traditional marketing; almost every big company is going digital way (small ones are on a pipeline and gradually switching from traditional to digital). Companies use mobile marketing to grow their business online, because it is affordable, immediate, effective yet interactive.

Social Networking
Social networking platforms are rising and social media analytics are getting more powerful. Social networking channels are providing a sprouting opportunity for businesses by offering them better lead conversions. Social media marketing improves website traffic and help businesses reach more customers.

With this, we hope these aforementioned digital marketing trends will help your business to succeed in today’s fast-paced world with better lead conversions and customer satisfaction.

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