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Amazing Responsive Design Best Practices You Need To Know in 2019

You have a desktop at home and a mobile with you. Do you exactly find your experiences on both the devices same? It’s a No, right? That’s what we called it as “UX” or “User Experience”. Do you know it takes less than 3 seconds for a website visitor to switch back due to bad user experience? The concept of Responsive Web Design has taken over almost 95% of the websites in the world today. Let me brief a little about it. Responsive Web Design implies to the design of websites that......

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SEO is Essential for Small Businesses

For every businesses to prosper, the need of online presence is a must. More than a billion internet users searches for a related key term every day. SEO plays an important role in deciding the fate of today’s business. Search Engines are happy when all the conditions are met to satisfy all its requirements, thereby reflecting the results in its indexes. Google search engine always prioritize on the local level to gain more clarity about a particular business Let’s discuss why SEO is essential for small businesses. User Friendly Responsive Design: The......

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Types of SEO

Congratulations! Your website is live. What’s next?  How are you going to promote it? Paid or Organic. But there is one problem… Paid services are going to cost you money. And that wouldn’t be a good idea when you have just started your company and have a limited marketing budget. The solution is pretty simple… SEO aka (Search Engine Optimization) Everyone by now understands the power of SEO. It is the single most thing that helps your business to survive online. In fact, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.......

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Bing Ads

Bing ads, the popular pay per click ad service will soon roll out a new functionality that will allow advertisers to target LinkedIn audiences. The news was announced in a quiet manner by a Bing administrator on the Bing Ads feature suggestion forum. In fact, the announcement came as a reply to a 2016 post wherein a user suggested this only. In the words of the admin, “the functionality will be available before the end of the year.” So what does it mean for online businesses? Well, it is definitely one step......

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5 Things To Look For In A SEO-Friendly Web Host

We all know when it comes to building a SEO friendly website, we are all bombarded with so many various factors that need to be take care of. There are backlinks, traffic generating keywords, voice search, mobile first indexing and the list goes on and on. But, one factor that is the most important (as it has an impact on your website’s uptime and page speed), but is often overlooked. We are talking about web hosting. In fact, good uptime and page speed improves the overall organic performance of the website. You......

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